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EU-funded PANDASIA project reduces risk of pandemics and enhances health literacy in Thailand and Europe

Thailand, Khon Kaen - The PANDASIA project investigates how infectious diseases are transmitted between animals, humans and environment and how potential pandemics emerge. The findings will be used to enhance health literacy in different target groups in Thailand and Europe

Emerging infectious diseases, which are caused by zoonotic pathogens such as viruses and bacteria are transmitted between animals and humans, pose an increasing threat to global health. Zoonoses occur primarily where wild animals and humans come into regular contact. Due to its species diversity, human population density, and movement, Southeast Asia is considered as hotspot for the emergence of new zoonoses and subsequent pandemics. Climate change and loss of biodiversity accelerate the risk of new pandemics. The EU-funded, transdisciplinary scientific project PANDASIA investigates potential risks of new pandemics in Thailand and develops preventive measures. Findings will be used to enhance health literacy of different target groups and communities.



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