Outbreak of blackleg in K’pong Thom cattle

Outbreak of blackleg in K’pong Thom cattle

An outbreak of blackleg amongst cattle in Stung Sen and Kampong Svay districts in Kampong Thom province has killed 15 animals with another 47 undergoing treatment.

Pen Vannarith, director of the Kampong Thom Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, said yesterday that blackleg infections have been detected in Stung Sen city and Kampong Svay district as farmers have neglected to vaccinate cattle against this disease and lumpy skin disease.

“I am really concerned about the blackleg disease that is affecting cattle across Kampong Thom province, and the number of dead cattle may increase if people do not vaccinate their cattle,” he said.

He urged residents to cooperate with local vaccination teams as agricultural officials see large numbers of cattle roaming freely in pastures, making it difficult to provide vaccines and making them vulnerable to a number of infectious diseases.

He added that so far, officials have vaccinated more than 1,000 cattle and provided 500 vaccines and other medicine to district agriculture officials and village animal health agencies to assist local farmers in preventing the disease from infecting other cattle.

Chan Panhavorn, Director of Kampong Thom Provincial Production and Veterinary Office, said that to protect cattle against another disease, cowpox, officials have vaccinated 350 animals in Rolous village, Srayov commune, Stung Sen city.

He urged cattle owners to vaccinate their livestock against other infectious diseases.

“If farmers suspect their cattle are infected, they must immediately report to the village animal health agency and local authorities directly to prevent the spread of animal diseases to other districts or local communities,” he said.

SOURCE: https://www.khmertimeskh.com/501509759/outbreak-of-blackleg-in-kpong-thom-cattle

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